Card Access Systems

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ForeVision has a variety of standalone digital keypad and proximity card access control systems equipment to meet virtually any need. Our products and systems line includes a variety of standalone digital keypad readers and proximity card readers to accommodate the most basic to sophisticated access control application needs.

Biometric Identification Systems

Biometric Identification Systems checks can quickly identify wanted individuals by comparing a scanned fingerprint against known records in local and international watch-lists. Scanned fingerprints are then stored in a database for reference in future processing.

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Video Intercom Systems

ForeVision Video Intercom Systems secures homes and buildings with precision technological mastery and uncommon elegance. ForeVision boasts the title of the leading Video Intercom Systems with a complete range of custom intercom and security systems with full-featured master inside stations and access control solutions to complex building communication systems.

Speed Enforcement System

Time Attendance System

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BForeVision provides real-time time attendance systems data collection for effective and immediate access to information throughout an organization, allowing a company to improve efficiency and enhance performance.