Fleet Management Systems

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Fleet Management System is a platform that provides remote capabilities to monitor your vehicles and valuable assets and helps to reduce your costs, increase your efficiency and service quality.

Mobile Car Video Systems

Our Mobile Car Video System for Law Enforcement spotlights the most advanced digital technology available. This advanced mobile recording system delivers a comprehensive and fully integrated system for video capture, management and storage along with features such as wireless file transfer, extended pre-event recording capacity, live video streaming and much more.

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ITS Control Room Console, Desks & Rear Projection Video Walls

Red Light Enforcement Systems

ForeVision lead in providing of technical furniture, providing the definitive solution for ITS control room console & desks, Broadcast Studio and Surveillance.

Traffic Surveillance System

ForeVision Traffic Surveillance System focuses on video surveillance capabilities and integration of HD video and intelligent analysis functions. This solution is designed to monitor, control and optimize traffic flow on roads to ensure safe and smooth traffic flow.

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Road Weather Information Systems

Weather information is important in supporting a variety of road winter maintenance operations; however, more detailed weather information such as road surface temperature and condition is needed to support anti-icing and plowing/de-icing operations..

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Digital Video Surveillance CCTV Systems

ForeVision Digital Video Surveillance (CCTV) Systems provide an effective crime deterrent, utilizing the latest digital technology to monitor access to secure areas, unauthorized activities, theft or criminal damage and personal safety or even provide a remote response to an intrusion.

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